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"Krav Maga is a reality-based self-defense system that has been adopted by top Special ops units, swat teams, CIA, FBI and military forces, thanks to its techniques to end an attack in seconds! With Your Own Bare Hands!"

You never know when and where you will be provoked to engage in a fight. It may be for self-defense or save another or counter strike. It’s not about saving yourself or acting a hero on the street. Survival in this vicious society is not easy. Do you really think you know how to fight back and defend yourself?

DON’T BE A VICTIM! Now is your chance to experience the world most effective Self Defense and fighting system! This Video Course is designed for everyone regardless of size, strength, gender or fitness, and it will teach you essential techniques that will save your life.

Guy Dar: "Violence is Everywhere don't Think it will Never Happen to You!"

Street is not a safe place when it’s dark

Imagine a situation where you are walking back home from work after it is dark. A deserted street, barely illuminated, no sign of any person in vicinity. And suddenly you see a group of men, probably gangsters, emerge from the other end of the street. There is no other option left for you but walk till the end of the street and go home. You keep walking and you see the gang of men walking towards you. Your heart is pounding and you smell danger.

Hooded man in dark street - Self Defense is Essential

It’s not a movie scene where a hero appears out of nowhere and knocks down the gangsters. This is a real life situation where you are on your own, all alone, and a group of men prowling at you. And suddenly the men start running towards you and you confirm they are attacking you. They may be attacking you to either rob you, rape you, or even worst. What will your reaction be?

After all it is a society full of danger. Every single word in the above imagined situation becomes real somewhere in the world every day. Street is a haven of gangs, drug addicts, sex maniacs and even worse criminals of unimaginable records. In some parts of the world, human trafficking for organ trade is a rapidly spreading mafia to which many innocent lives are victimized every day.

If you understand the real danger of living in a society with such atrocities, you will realize the importance of training yourself for self-defense.

You will find this very important

Knowing a few strikes can even save your life. Being proactive is the best solution to all issues. Learn self-defense, be proactive. Our Krav Maga self-defense system features a series of videos which train you through a sequence of fighting lessons from which you can learn how to fight back or maneuver yourself from situations where needed. Self-defense is a process that involves fast thinking and acting intelligently. A wrong move can lead you to end up in a disaster. Krav Maga self-defense is not only about using your body as a weapon to retort on an attack. It trains you to do the wisest and most intelligent thing under a situation.

Choose the wisest thing to do under a situation

Acting a hero is definitely not the wisest thing to do in most situations. When you are about to be attacked by a group of strong men, you should be able to think quickly and act fast to choose between run away, hit and run or knock them all down. Always remember, life is not as easy as shown in the movies. Human capacity is far too less than that is depicted on the screen especially when it comes to fighting. One strong hit can stop you and hold you down. What then? Let them do what they attacked you for?

Retort or Retreat? Let your brain decide

A trained brain which can make the right decision on right timeis the best weapon you can ever have. It prepares your body either to retort or retreat. Retreat is not an act of cowardly. Attacking a single person as a group is an act of cowardly. Krav Maga self-defense system will guide you through training various self-defense strikes while training you on how to make quick decisions when it comes to fighting. This decision making ability is important for both men and women in spite of their intention of learning self-defense.

Discover The Best and Most Effective Self Defense Krav Maga Video Course

This Krav Maga system has been developed by the Israeli Specialist and Chief Instructor Guy Dar

Krav Maga Basic Stand by Guy Dar

Guy Dar is practicing Krav Maga for over 35 years. He had been certified as a Black Belt and a Krav Maga Instructor in 1989. In 1995 he also got incredibly regarded Certified Martial Arts & Self Defense coach from the world famous Wingate Institute, and got to be a senior teacher and Expert of Defensive Arts in Israel (Wingate 2003).

Few words from Guy Dar:

“Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Guy Dar, and I am the author of the "Krav Maga Video Course", and the Krav Maga Maleh method. I have more than 30 years of continuous training and teaching experience. I have trained and continue to train the law enforcement agencies and military forces around the world, civilian’s men, women and children, and have conducted seminars and training sessions for visually-impaired individuals.”

Introduction to the Krav Maga Home Study Video Course

Krav Maga Video Course - Screen Banner

This video course will cover all the essential of the krav maga method. You be able to practice each one of the moves over and over again until they will be part of your body instinct reaction. The course consists of 27 videos. Each one of them will contain 1 self defense move or an attack technique, explained by the chief instructor Guy Dar. Guy, will demonstrate and explain the right way to perform each one of those moves.

Krav Maga is considered by many as the most efficient self defense skills around the world, due to its single minded focus on inflicting maximum damage on the attacker within the shortest time possible. In Krav Maga, you make use of your most effective tools - elbows, knees, weapons and so on, and focus your attacks on your attacker weakest area – his neck, throat, eyes, knees, ribs, groin, solar plexus, etc. It is ugly, and it’s not a sport - it’s something you learn to prepare yourself for any danger that you may come across.

One of the main advantages of this Self Defense course is that you free to learn and practice it in your own time and convenience of your home. Additionally, you are able to practice over and over each one of the techniques that you find harder to understand, until they absorb in your mind and body.

With the escalation in crime and violence around the globe, it is necessary for you to have the ability to protect yourself and your loved ones!

Krav Maga is the most practical and effective Israeli combat system, this course is designed for everyone and it will teach you the essential techniques that will save your life:

Krav Maga Check List

Escape from vicious street-holds

Krav Maga Check List

Defense against holds, chokes and takedowns

Krav Maga Check List

Ground survival

Krav Maga Check List

Hand 2 Hand Street Combat

Krav Maga Check List

Gun Disarming Techniques

Krav Maga Check List

Knife Defense & Disarming

Krav Maga Check List

Edged Weapon Defense

Krav Maga Check List

Striking, grappling, controls, pressure points

Krav Maga Check List

and much more!

This Krav Maga Course will teach you how to Knock Down your opponent in seconds

This video series is ideal for men, women, and children who find it impossible to allocate time from their busy and tight schedules to go to a self-defense training class. You can learn how to defend yourself against attackers effectively by watching these videos and engaging in the activities performed. One might tell you that watching videos to learn how to fight is a complete waste with no outcomes in the end. Krav Maga Maleh has proven them wrong. Read the testimonials of our highly satisfied customers for real evidence.

Learning any art of fighting requires continuous motivation and morale building. This is in fact why most people believe that learning self-defense is impossible without a teacher. The Krav Maga self-defense video series have been produced in a way to motivate the user and uplift their morale continuously from the beginning of the course. To add to that, each and every video in this video pack is presented by highly professional certified instructor. This instructor have years of experience in teaching self-defense to men, women, and even children.

It is about time you thought about making yourself able to face the dark reality of life. Human is the best friend and human is the worst enemy himself. Decide for yourself whether to survive or give up. Self-defense is not a choice, it is a need.

This system works

I recently checked out the krav maga video course. It was excellent. I think the way these fundamentals are explained are great. The camera angle(s) give good idea of what is being taught. What i like about Krav Maga is it gives simple and direct solutions to actual combat situations. And when the poop hits the fan, one doesn't have the composure to think of much of anything, your heart is beating about 150-170 beats a minute, your adernalin is going crazy, and in order to defend/protect yourself, you need a simple and effectve solution.

You teach these tactics here, in a way easy to learn, all one has to do is practice them till they become comfortable and confident.
I learned H2H combat in the military special forces, as well as years since to keep up on what I knew. I have worked with Krav Maga in the past and incorporated it in what i know. Being a Executive Protection Specialist (body guard) I am always working to improve myself, for the clay as a bodyguard you never want to have. I also work with one of my clients who was a finalist on American Idol. She now has her own hunting show and releasing a new country album this spring.

She has trained on and off for years, with me, as well as MMA fighters, and recently in working with her, went thru the "krav maga video course" program. She really likes the simplicity yet effectiveness of your program.
In my line of business I understand the importance of having the ability to defend yourself, and Krav Maga eliminates so much time and training by eliminating techniques that are effective in actual combat situations.
I would love to incorporate these techniques into my training for myself as well as for students I teach.
Again, thank you, it is great course. And belive me, I have purchased so many programs as I take much pride in my work and I want to always be on top of my game, Krav Maga video course is one program that i would actually be able to use. I can't say that about most programs I have bought.

Larry Cook
ESP Agent

The Krav Maga video course is easily the best self-defense course out there in the market today.
After watching the instructional videos and participating along at home, I feel much more prepared, trained and comfortable with the necessary movements to protect myself. As a woman, I find self-defense and the knowledge of how to protect myself very important. While other self-defense courses have often seemed intimidating to me and don't leave me with a lot of real-world use, the Krav Maga video course is not only applicable to my life but also very easy to understand and comfortable to use in my very own home. As a person with a very busy schedule, it's extremely helpful to be able to practice at my own convenience and at my own pace without having to worry about commuting to classes and going at the pace of the teacher or the rest of the class. Overall I am very pleased with the course and would recommend it to anyone looing to increase their knowledge of how to protect themselves and their loved ones and are looking for convenient and affordable way to do so.

Shannon Delany
Oakland, California

A Letter from Kristy Lee Cook to her father regarding the krav maga video course: ​

​Thanks for the krav maga videos. They are awesome. For someone wanting to learn the proper technique in such an easy to understand video, it doesn't get better than this.
​I like the way the videos are shown and explained, and the short and to the point lessons make it fun. I can take this video in my travels and go thru the lessons in my hotel room, while flying, or on the bus traveling.
​Krav Maga is a great way to learn first hand how to protect yourself. You cannot always have someone there to do it for you. ​

​Thanks for the course. It will be put to good use.

Kristy Lee Cook
A singer and an American Idol​ Contestant (2008)​ Oregon, US

I have to say that i was delighted, both, with the quality of the content of "Krav Maga video course" and the clarity with which the individual techniques are described. The lessons are short and snappy and cover all the essential points with no fluff or filler.
I would recommend this course to any serious student of Krav Maga without a moment's hesitation.

Keep up the good work, guys!

Neil McDonald
Bangkok, Thailand

I am excited about the content of the Krav Maga video course. it is cutting to the heart of how one needs to comprehend this self defense information. As Krav Maga is real life self-defense and not really Martial Arts perse one needs to get right to the heart of learning what one need to learn for extreme and suprising circumstances under violent situations in a close quarters combar situation.

Having a mentor (by watching the video) then practicing the technique is an excellent way to get the information into the sub-conscience mind of muscle memory as much practice is the key. One need to carefully listen to the instruction then practice each technique over until it becomes second nature, then adding the next technique. As real sel defense must become second nature (under an attack) there is no time to think or freeze, it is the time to respond to that threat.

The Krav Maga video course training from the basics to the advanced is what we have been waiting for. i highly recommended this life saving and life giving self-defense course, your confidence level will explode with Krav Maga home study video Course.

William Landrath

Here’s what you get when you order the Krav Maga Video Course

Krav Maga Video Course - NOW at only $37

Home training program will guide you through the entire process of learning and mastering the essential moves of the most efficient self defense system, Krav Maga.

This DVD video course consists of 27 Krav Maga Self Defense Videos. Each one of them will demonstrate and explain one of the Self Defense moves, which will be shown regularly and in slow motion, to help you understand exactly how to perform and master each technique. This video course is taught by the chief instructor, Guy Dar.

You can get instant access to the online version, of the Krav Maga Video Course, and start your training TODAY! For only $37.

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Krav Maga Training Video Course

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Bonus #1 “Self Defense for Women: Don’t Be another Statistic.” Value: $27 - Yours FREE!

Self Defense for Women - Dont be Another Statistic

"Women Are Being Attacked Each And Every Day Around The World. It’s Time That Women Stop The Violence TODAY!"

The statistics on violence against women are staggering – even overwhelming. Often, women are thought of as the weaker sex, unable to defend themselves effectively against a strong male attacker. It’s this kind of thinking that hurt women.

The truth is that women CAN and SHOULD fight back when they are threatened. It takes a lot of courage to fight back, though, and many myths exist regarding women’s self-defense training.

Inside this ebook you will learn:

Chapter 01: Real-Life Stories

Chapter 02: What to Be Afraid Of

Chapter 03: Domestic Violence

Chapter 04: What is Self-Defense

Chapter 05: How Not to Be a Victim

Chapter 06: Tools of Protection

Chapter 07: Your Mental State

Chapter 08: Rape

Chapter 09: Carjacking

Chapter 10: Purse Snatching

Chapter 11: Home Invasion

Chapter 12: ATM Safety

Chapter 13: Unmarked Police Car

Chapter 14: Street Safety

Chapter 15: Workplace Safety

Chapter 16: Kid Safety

Chapter 17: A Street Chase

Chapter 18: Martial Arts

Bonus #2 “Safety Soldier: Learn The Art of Self Defense The Easy Way.” Value: $27 - Yours FREE!

Safety Soldier

The techniques in this book contain martial arts forms itself forms, the origins go back 1000s of years and are still utilized by Military and police as a whole. The techniques here have been updated to suit modern-day situations, they'll differ moderately from person to person but basically everyone, young and old is capable of executing these techniques which are easy to learn but might take longer to perfect. Get all the info you need here.

Inside this ebook you will learn:

Chapter 01: Self Defense Basics

Chapter 02: Martial Arts Basics

Chapter 03: Getting Away

Chapter 04: A Look At Kung Fu

Chapter 05: Using Your Body

Chapter 06: Choosing A Style To Study

Bonus #3 “CrossFit To Drop Fat.” Value: $27 - Yours FREE!

CrossFit To Drop Fat

CrossFit is the principal strength and conditioning program for many police academies and tactical operations teams, military special operations units, champion martial artists, and hundreds of other elite and professional athletes worldwide.

Inside this ebook you will learn:

Chapter 01: What is CrossFit Training

Chapter 02: The History of CrossFit Training

Chapter 03: Benefits of CrossFit Training

Chapter 04: CrossFit Exercises

Chapter 05: 52 Insane CrossFit Workouts From Home And With No Equipment

Chapter 06: The Annual CrossFit Games

Bonus #4 “Mixed Martial Arts: the Basics of Jujitsu and MMA.” Value: $27 - Yours FREE!

Mixed Martial Arts the Basics of Jujitsu and MMA

Krav Maga consists of a wide combination of techniques sourced from Muay Thai, Boxing, Jujitsu, Judo and Wrestling, along with realistic fight training. We think you will benefit from this great EBOOK, FREE FOR YOU! Which will let you understand much more on Jujitsu.

Jujitsu is a name used for Japanese martial arts techniques. The meaning of this word is the “art of softness” or “way of yielding”. Jujitsu came from Japan as a way of defeat of an opponent without using any weapons. Since hitting the opponent didn’t do much justice, they would be attacked with pins and throws. This worked against the attacker’s energy.

Inside this ebook you will learn:

Chapter 01: Techniques Of Jujitsu

Chapter 02: Jujitsu Characteristics

Chapter 03: Bartitsu

Chapter 04: Judo

Chapter 05: Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Chapter 06: Stretching

Chapter 01: Mixed Martial Arts

Chapter 02: Unified Rules

Chapter 03: MMA Strategies

Chapter 04: Hybrid Styles

Chapter 05: Injuries and Safety

30 Days Money-Back Guarantee

30 Days Guarantee - Krav Maga Video Course

If You Are Ready To Increase Your Self Defense Capabilities, and To Improve Your Self Confidence, Ensure You Don’t Miss This Crucial Krav Maga Video Course...

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Krav Maga Training Video Course